Mandy Williams aka The Queen of Kash is the 4th generation owner to the La Belle Beauty Salon brand.  Her great grandmother Isabelle Mandy Gant was the 1st African American Women in the state of Louisiana  to open an independently owned beauty school. Isabelle was actually the 1st person to introduce Mandy to cosmetology as a child. As a youth Mandy was very active. She danced, cheered, modeled and even did gymnastics. Growing up in Lafayette, La, she did hair helping around the  family salon by shampooing and braiding hair for money by the age of 10yrs old. Mandy is the oldest of three siblings, coming from a broken home of drug addicted parents, she has exceeded all odds against her. As a freshman in high school Mandy attended john Casablanca modeling and acting school in Kenner,La. She completed the program but didn’t pursue it immediately. She purchased her 1st rental property at the age of 17. While in college at Southern University for business management Mandy continued to do hair to help pay her tuition. She dated a guy by the name of Keith Kash Craig while in college, he saw the gift for hair in her that she ignored and didn’t take serious. One day Keith told her “Mandy you have talent! You really can style hair” Unfortunately Keith was murdered in 2009 and was unable to see Mandy conquer the Beauty Industry.  After the death of Keith, Mandy continued to do hair and begin to work at strip clubs in the French quarters as a bartender. While working in the quarters, she sold prescription drugs and X pills to be able to pay her way through college. In 2011,she decided to enroll in cosmetology school at Delgado Community College to follow her family legacy of greatness, while she was still in college to complete her bachelors in business. Unfortunately it became very overwhelming and she decided to stop working on her bachelors and focus on obtaining her license in cosmetology. Once this took place, Mandyfocused and studied to execute excellence.

She has traveled the united states doing seminars, installs and hairstyling. Mandy has Kashed Out some of today’s most popular celebrities like actress Amiyah Scott, R&B singer and reality TV personal K.Michelle, United Kingdom X-factor winner Alexandria Burke, R&B singer Jasmine Sullivan, Legendary female Rappers MiaX, Remy Ma, Angela Simmons and reality personal  Blac Chyna to name a few. In April of 2016 Mandy taught a free class in Kingston,Jamaica at Excelsior Community  College of Cosmetology. Mandy has been hustling her way to the top of the beauty Industry styling for commercials, photoshoots and TV filmings for the past 6 years. She is currently working in Lafayette, LA at Labelle Beauty Salon and Celebrity Stylez Beauty Bar in Chalmette,La. In 2016 she launched her own Professional haircare system. She is preparing to obtain her instructors license through the state board of Louisiana to offer private professional advice training for hairstylist. Now in 2018 she is currently touring with JeCaryous Johnson Entertainment “Set it Off” live stage play as the head of Hair and Make.

Mandy also has engaged in a modeling career. She has graced the cover of FBM and pressure magazine and layed a spread in Dulce Girls  magazine. Mandy says, “Me, modeling helps expand my brand. It allows me to showcase my beauty, talent and creativity. I am a representaion of my craft. I look the part and sell it well.” In 2016, She was featured in Blackmens magazine and George Clinton, Kendric Lamar, and Ice cube “Funkadelic” Video.